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Express HD v2.5 hanging Windows XP every night!


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Plea for help on the forum: My newly upgraded copy of Express HD, now at v2.5, hang my rather standard/boring Windows XP (SP2 with all patches, just not yet SP3) box every night when it tries to perform a regular backup. I am backing up to simple another partition on another drive letter. No entries in the Windows Application or System logs. In the morning the box is simple unresponsive: as if all RAM had been consumed, but that's just a guess. The mouse moves, but I cannot login or change the state in any way from seeing the blank Windows desktop bitmap. No other changes except the Express HD upgrade.


Also, after hard-rebooting in the morning, Express HD always prompts me anew for my Express HD license code.


Any help?


Any logs I can look at that I don't know about?

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