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Restore - Execution Incomplete - Please help!!


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A few years ago, I bought a Maxtor 200 GB One Touch external hard drive. It came bundled with Retrospect Express HD 1.1 as the backup software.


A few months ago, my XP-based laptop went to that great electronics pile in the sky. Thank goodness, I've been doing nightly backups, right?!?!


I bought a nifty new desktop PC with Vista 64-bit. I plugged in the Maxtor and Vista recognized it without problems. I then installed Retrospect Express HD 1.1 on my new machine. I attempted to restore my entire "My Documents" folder, and I got an "execution incomplete" error. Uh-oh.


So then I figured I should install the latest version of Retrospect Express HD (2.0?) and try again. Here's the result I got...


Executing DirectRestore at 10/13/2008 4:26 PM

To volume Restore 3 on HP (C:)...

-10/13/2008 4:26:38 PM: Restoring from RestorePoint, Snapshot Local Disk (C:), 6/13/2008 3:00:22 AM

10/13/2008 4:26:38 PM: Execution incomplete

Remaining: 111 files, 3,131 KB

Completed: 0 files, zero KB

Performance: 0.0 MB/minute


I have been able to restore some specific folders, but when I try to restore other specific folders, I get the same message. The restore point is green and I can see all my files and folders in there, I just can't restore.


Any assistance anyone could offer would be *GREATLY* appreciated. I am willing to spend whatever time I need to to get my files back.



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I really hate to ask again, as I know everyone here volunteers their time and is really busy, but any help that anyone could give me with this issue would really be appreciated. This backup is full of pictures of my 2 year old daughter and I fear for what my wife will do to me if I can't get them restored.


I'm new to forums like these, so if I need to post more information or something, please let me know.


Thanks in advance!!

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I'm having a hard time trying to download r-ex HD 2.5


The link you posted takes me to a page to update existing software and I don't see anything about HD 2.5


At any rate, I did a little more exploring and found that HD 2.0 is supposed to be compatible with Vista 64 bit:


Vista 64-bit compatibility


I think my next best option is to download a trial of r-ex 7.6 and try a restore. What do you think?


Thanks again for helping me out with this. I really do appreciate it!!

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At any rate, I did a little more exploring and found that HD 2.0 is supposed to be compatible with Vista 64 bit:


Express HD is NOT compatible with Vista 64 bit no matter what else you may have read.


At the URL I noted below, you must change the drop down menu from Retrospect to Retrospect Express before you can start a download.


Retrospect 7.6 will work fine too.

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OK - I'll take your word for the Vista 64-bit incompatibility issue.


Sorry for the confusion about downloading r-ex HD 2.5. I didn't see the drop-down.


I downloaded the trial version of r-ex 7.6 and tried to do a restore. Here's the very weird result - the folder structure restores perfectly but there are no files in any of the restored folders!! :confused2:


I guess I'll try HD 2.5 and see what happens.


Any thoughts?


Thanks for your continued help and patience with me.

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