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Not enough space, assertion fault, and errors 808 and 1115


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Using Retrospect Express HD 1.1.


Attempted to backup (while already having 8 restore points). Got message: "There is not enough disk space." I thought this odd, considering the documentation says: "When a disk fills up or doesn't have enough free space to save a new restore point, Retrospect Express HD reclaims disk space by deleting older restore points."


So why is it telling me I don't have enough disk space, when it should be automatically reclaiming disk space?


Regardless, it deleted 6 of my 8 restore points (including one of two that had a lock symbol), and removed the lock symbol from the other previously locked one. But the external HD was still full.


Tried to backup again. This time I got: "Retrospect has encountered a serious error: Assertion fault at "arc.cpp-2945" A log of this error has been written to the file "assert_log.utx". Please tell Dantz about this problem."


Rebooted. Now I magically had four restore points (gained two). Tried again and got "The backup did not complete successfully" with a log message that included:

"Trouble matching Local Disk (C:) to RestorePoint, error -808 (key/refnum search failed)"


"Can't compress Catalog File for Backup Set RestorePoint, error -1115 (disk full)"


Manually deleted one of the restore points in an attempt to free up space. External HD still completely full. Then that deleted restore point magically came back.






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