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Professional specifics?


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Hello. I hope you will tell me a few things about Retrospect version 6 Professional which I have not been able to learn. Is that very similar to the Desktop 5.6 program in that one has the choice of different snapshots for restores and expanded Selectors over the Express version? I saw a price of $89.00 at Dantz's site as opposed to $149.00 I had seen earlier. I assume that is correct. Is the manual which is included with the packaged version a "real" manual as opposed to the very abbreviated hot sheet "manual" that came with the packaged version of Express? I would love to try Professional as that would answer most of my questions and doubts but I note Dantz says you should not download a trial copy if you are a registered user of another version and then refers to a different branch which only shows upgrades to 5.6. I apparently made a mistake when I bought Express as opposed to Desktop. I later learned on your forums of the added features. I have no need for network capabilities and was under the impression that was the main difference between Express and Desktop. I downloaded a trial copy of Desktop but after running the setup for that I see I still in effect have the Express version. What went wrong I have no idea. Now you have version 6 out and I am contemplating purchasing that. Thank you for your info. Dave

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