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error -102 (trouble communicating)


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I have the BIG backup problem frequently:


I used backup set file to back up client

When the size of backup set file is over 40G -50G

Then the backup scipt is incompleted by error 102 and also

I found window pop-up said:

" Delay write failed....


and I found in Event Viewer:





But I can delete rbf and rbc and re-create the backup set to run back normal the script. Any method to fix this 102 errror??

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Sorry that I duplicated the post. :tongue2:


I observed each backupset file is over 40G then this problem 102 trouble communicationg is occur .


And may I have the question

Any cases is similar as my one which you found at past?


Is that the huge backup set size over 40G will have chance to cuase error 102?


And If I used destination "backup set file", Which method that I can break it down to several small size backup set file?


Thank you & Regards


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