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Mailbox cannot seen anything after restore mailbox

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Dear all,


My Case:


I have win2000 DC and Exchange and 7.5 Retrospect with exchange backup.


Few days ago, my DC server and Exchanged server are reinstalled by HW issue,


now new DC server use back perious domain name, and exchange server use other hostname.


After restore mailbox by retrospect to one of user, I can see that mailbox's size is not empty in exchange console.


But when I try to open this real mailbox folder in exchange folder (MBX) , I cannot find any old emails,

Also, I cannot view any old mail which restore from restropect in outlook


P.S: I can see my new test emails of this mailbox in outlook (That s mean exchange is work for new setting)



Ho can I fix this problem? any correct step or answer?

I m not sure is that related to the process of re-install domain.


Please kindly give a idea


Entinux Ltd,



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This is probably a permissions problem. The mail came from a user with a specific set of permissions. The new mailbox is not recognized as having the same permissions and exchange is hiding the messages. You may need to contact Microsoft to find out how to change permissions to see the mailbox contents.


What do you see when you browse the mailbox under Configure>Volumes?

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And not for restore old-exchange mailbox


Now, for my new exchange, I try backup mailbox by retrospect, then try restore the mailbox to the same destination mailbox client


It seems no error and success in retrospect.

I view the Exchange system management console which found the size of that mailbox is really grow up.


But actually I cannot found any new restore folder in the mailbox folder of the user in MBX.

Also in client outlook ,it cannot be detected any restore mails.


Help pls. :confused2:




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