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Retrospect Express causes shutdown


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I backup my system approx. once per month to a Western Digital external drive using Retrospect Express. When I tried to do it this time it caused my computer to shut down and restart within a couple of seconds of pressing the "Backup" button..


I initially suspected the drive, but I used drive checker and it is fine, it also allows me to search it etc.


So I uninstalled EMC Retrospect, then reinstalled, and updated the software (now 7.5.324 Driver update I then ran EMC. It all looked good, ran for 40 minutes or so, and then stalled at the end of the backup. Nothing would work, frozen screens etc. I restarted the PC, checked EMC, but it had not recorded the backup as occuring. When I tried to start it again it had gone back to the way it was at the start, and shut my PC down.


I am frustrated - can anyone suggest a fix?



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