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Support Incident pricing


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According to the web site, http://www.dantz.com/support/support_matrix.html, a support incident for Retrospect Express is $40; a support incident for other editions of Retrospect is $70.




Now that the Windows version no longer has an Express edition and Professional is the lowest level edition available for Windows, that leads to my question.




What is the price for a support incident for Retrospect Professional?








- Gary Palter



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Even at $69, Dantz should provide a decent manual with the software.


How do you learn about how to use a product with no learning materials????




If you click on the "Technical Support" image below, look closely......


You will see their old support page with many options and categories.....


THEN you are REDIRECTED to the "New and Improved" support page with only one search option.




I was forced into this purchase and I have no resource to actually learn how to use it!!!!


Guessing about my system backup is not how I like to end the day!




I have had the software for 3 weeks now, and I still have not gotten a full, errorfree backup!!!







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How do you learn about how to use a product with no learning materials????

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The User's Guide is 200+ pages, chock full of information on all sections of the program. If you don't have a paper copy, you will find a PDF copy in your Retrospect folder (Program Files > Dantz > Retrospect > Documentation).




You also have access to many free resources, such as this forum, the Knowledgebase and online tutorials, which will walk you through many of the most common operations.
















New purchases (not upgrades) are entitled to 30 days free technical support from date of purchase. If you are within your 30 days, you can contact Customer Service at: 800.225.4880

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