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Simple yet annoying software problem


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Hello everyone,


Did some research here and didn't find my question asked yet.


I have the software set to "On" and "Copy" once a week. The actual LaCie drive is set to Automatic.


Here's the issue, every 10 minutes or so the 'focus' of whatever window i'm in gets 'unfocused' and the desktop is focused.


In other words; whatever i'm doing, every 10 minutes my desktop is set to focus. If i'm working on a program that is full screen, it actually minimizes the program and i'm left with my desktop.


I believe the program is 'looking' at the folders i have set to copy for changes, but i don't want to get my programs minimized every time it does this. Anyone else with this error or know how to fix it?


As it is i have my auto backup set to 'OFF" until the night before i normally back up so this problem doesn't hamper my workflow.



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