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Reasons to upgrade


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Unix/Linux and OSX client support.




Retrospect Open File Filter - which is an Open file Backup Manager that allows you to backup all open files/databases.




Disks Backup Set - allows you to backup to hard drives better.




etc. www.dantz.com can give you more info.



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The upgrade did not go well for me - none of my previous scripts, volumes, settings, etc. were preserved.




I called support and they wanted to charge me for support - on something I just bought.




That's not customer service nor support.




I have requested a refund and will revert back to 5.6 which actually has been working fine.




If/When Dantz decides that upgrade revenue is important and are willing to stand behind the products, I might take a look at upgrades.




Too bad - I have been really happy with 5.6 and the support I have received in the past.





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At this time, we don't have an official comparison chart on our website.




Changes to Retrospect 6.0 include:




- New GUI


- Open File Backup - Retrospect's Open File Backup technology employs a filter driver to cache any data being changed, essentially allowing Retrospect to back up a steady-state file. The cached data is discarded following the backup.


- Linux / Unix / Solaris client backup


- OS X client backup


- Disk Backup set which allows full use of a hard drive, regardless of File System limitations and allows spanning of multiple drives.


- CD-RW Auto-Configurator - Retrospect includes built-in recognition for many CD-RW drives. For drives that are not recognized, you can create a custom configuration. Custom configurations are not qualified through Dantz's rigorous Hardware Certification process and therefore are not supported. After creating a custom configuration, you should perform a backup with verification turned on to ensure that Retrospect works properly with the device.





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