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Backup spped with LTO-4 SAS drive


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I know this works for SCSI. You can try it:


Also, here's registry keys that users can try to adjust to make their SCSI or FC cards go faster:

           SCSIPORT   (Driver --> i.e. Symmpi)
                 DEVICE -> MaximumSGList

The MaximumSGList value is the one you want to set:

(formula: if value 65, 65 - 1 = 64 x 4K = 256K Transfers)

65 = 256K transfers
33 = 128K transfers
17 = 64k transfers 

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Are you using Retrospect's built-in speed indicators? If so, I have seen this show completely incorrect results. For example, when transferring data from hard drive to tape, I've seen Retrospect tell me that it's copying data at 8mb/minute, but it finished several gigabytes of data in just a few minutes. I've also seen it say that it's copying data over at 113,000 mb/minute, but the time to copy the data didn't match up with this superhuman speed.


Is is possible that your data is getting transferred at the correct speed with Retrospect simply underreporting the speed?

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If you're using the drive's native compression, you don't need to use the software compression. The only reason to use software compression (in my experience, anyway) is if:


1. You are encrypting the data going to the tapes.




2. You are backing up to a device that does not support hardware compression (e.g., a hard drive).

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