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Retrospect Doesn't Remember my Hard Drive

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I set up a schedule to write the backup update to my hard Drive, "Othello." I point the way to the drive and the initial backup happens, but the next time Retrospect says, there's no "Othello" even though it's right there, connected to the computer! It can't seem to recognize the drive. So I can never get any but first-time backups...



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I have a scheduled backup, which goes to an outboard hard drive. I think I didn't correctly identify the problem: SOMETIMES when the backup runs on schedule (or in Immediate mode) it looks at the hard drive that holds images and determines " Can't access volume Pictures on HARD DRIVE, error -120 (folder not found). Warning: volume HARD DRIVE has the Ignore ownership setting enabled." When I look at the setup, and click on "Pictures" it tells me that sub-volume is not ON the volume HARD DRIVE, when, in fact, it is! But I don't know how to point the way, beyond creating a "new" subvolume -- the same one! (The problem with this being that it backs the WHOLE THING up again, swelling the backup file...)


I hope I'm not too obscure here. I'll be happy to tell you more if I can.



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