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Retrospect Express searching for .rbf .rbc but my back up files are .rdb


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I have a WD My Book and Retrospect Express 7.5.252. I backed up my laptop and have since had to reinstall Windows. Am trying to access the back-up files however I have a big problem, Retrospect (both the version i received with My Book and the latest updated version) is searching for .rbf and .rbc files and i have 82 'Retrospect Disk Backup Set' files which are .rdb. How do i restore them, all the forums/databases seem to say that it should be working... Have tried Repair Catalog but that is also looking for .rbf and .rbc. Please advise how i can restore my files!! Thanks

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I have a similar problem following a crash of my hard drive. I can only get to the WD drive and this only has a Retrospect folder with all the 184 RDB files.


As per the original listing, when I use Retrospect Express and direct it to the folder which contains the RDB files it can't locate any of the backup datasets.


Any help in how I can get hold of the data in the RDB files would be much appreciated.





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