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Error 1004 while trying to backup Exchange 2007

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I have a script that is supposed to run once a week and do a full backup of Exchange. It has not been successful even once though if I run a manual backup of Exchange, that works just fine.


Retrospect Server 7.5.508

Retrospect Client on Exchange Server 2007 7.5.116


I couldn't backup Exchange 2007 with the newer 7.6 version so had to go back to 7.5


I see a lot of these in the Operations Log right after the listing of all the mailboxes that have been found on the server to backup:


TPCVol::Set: not a drive letter nor UNC name


After that it looks like it backs up the C:\ drive on the Exchange Server just fine but when it gets to the Mailboxes, I get the following:


9/10/2008 11:18:50 PM: Copying Mailboxes (M:) on exchange

Followed by tons of these:


vlocRDiskDoFileCreate: device number = 0xffffffff


After that it looks like its backing up the individual mailboxes but I finally get the error -1004.


Could someone please help me figure out what is going on and how to fix it.






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I just read the user guide about the M: drive. Thanks for pointing me to it. I still have a question. In the Volumes Database my exchange server shows the following:



Local Disk(C:)


Transaction Logs(T:)

+Exchange Server

First Storage Group

Second Storage Group

+Exchange Mailboxes


So if I select Exchange as Source of an Immediate or scripted backup, I understand that it does not backup M:, but does it backup the "Exchange Mailboxes" and other things without my having explicitly having picked them?






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