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I'm getting multiple restore points. How to solve this?


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I'm using Restrospect Express HD 2.0.214 to backup to an external hard drive. It's set to backup daily.


For a year or more it's worked great, however, recently it's started making multiple restore points. For example yesterday's backup has 9 restore points, all within a few minutes of each other. 7 out of 9 are the exact same size. The last 2 are smaller.


Going back through dates it's very similar for past days. Sometimes it only makes 4-5 and some days 9+ retore points.


How can I fix this problem?


I tried uninstalling and re-installing, but my uninstall must not have been complete, because when I reinstalled it already knew all my preferences and I didn't have to set anything up again.


Thanks for any help! :happy:


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I was actually just looking at the restorepoint files directly on my backup drive. I wasn't looking using the Retrospect software.


Using the software, and selecting "Restore" only shows me 3 restore points, all on green. However, there are way more then that actually on my hard drive. There are multiples for weeks (I deleted months of old ones because my drive was filling up) but only 3 of those dates shows up in the software as restorable.


Today there were 237 restore points with today's date! 139 GB of data written just today. HELP!

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