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System restore and Retro 6.0


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I have upgraded from Retro 5.6 to 6.0. I still have to disable my System Restore Monitoring in XP Pro in order to back up to a hard drive partition on the 2nd IDE controller. If I don't check " Turn off system restore to all drives" and attempt to do a back up to drive (file) it locks up XP Pro. If I reboot and check the box and check yes to delete any XP restore files I can then crank up Retro 6.0 and update that backup. After the back up is complete I have to go back to that System restore and uncheck it to allow Windows to "Monitor" the system again. Anyone else having this problem? If it's a new backup this problem does not occur.But if you try to update that new backup and forget to disable the XP restore function, it won't back up and it sits there locked up. A reset is needed and normal restart will not happen. The back up restores fine but after the restore you have to remember to right click My Computer, click properties, click the System Restore tab and uncheck the "Turn off restore to all drives". I think dantz to patch this problem.

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