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Unable to back up to Iomega network drive


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I have read the help text http://kb.dantz.com/display/2/articleDirect/index.asp?aid=9637&r=0.8249933, which to be frank does not make a lot of sense, unless you understand what ‘users’ are being referred to. It is very vague.


I have:

• Retrospect Express version 7.5.370, driver update and hot fix version, supplied with my Iomega network hard drive.

• A Windows home network, using a D-link DSL- 504 and a Netgear hub.

• A Window workgroup of 4 computers all running Windows XP.

• An Iomega 500Gb network hard drive attached to the D-link and also configured as part of the above workgroup.


My system is not complex and I am not a total IT dumbo, but I just cannot manage to perform a backup to the Iomega network hard drive. The Iomega network drive is not local to any of the computers; it is on the network.


I have waded through the Iomega and Retrospect forums and this problem comes up again and again and yet there appears to be no solution offered by techies from either product, nor from other users. Surely, the whole point of bundling the Retrospect Express software with the Iomega network hard drive is to enable backups to the drive and is exactly why I purchased it. Retrospect Express does not seem to have access to the Iomega network hard drive and yet the drive is mapped and Windows XP can see it and indeed I can copy files to it in Windows Explorer.


The Retrospect product is hugely impressive and comprehensibly configurable, as the large user manual and training videos testify, but specific instructions for the Iomega drive in the package from Iomega could do with being more precise. I’ve no doubt that when I discover how to do it, it will seem unbelievably simple!


In the above help text, can anybody help clarify what ‘users’ are being referred to in each of the 3 scenarios?

• Local computer user and password? (the user currently logged on to the Windows XP system that is running Retrospect or another XP system user on this system with admin access?)

• Iomega user and password?

• A made-up user and password?


The prompts and error messages keep mentioning a ‘network user/password’, but my network has no user and password. Needless to say, I’ have tried every username and password I can think of.


I would be extremely grateful for any assistance.


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2 user accounts exist. The Iomega drive has it's own set of users and passwords and Windows has a set of users and passwords.


To connect to your Iomega NAS you must know the username and password for that device. Check with Iomega support for the correct username and password for your hardware.

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I got the same problem, and I found the solution, by sheer good luck. My users accounts and passwords are the same on the computer and on the STORCENTER. When you read the small characters on the screen, it says that running a scheduled script as the "logged user", it may not work. You have to run it as a specific user.


When you check the "Specific user" checkbox, it asks you for a user, password and a "run as" parameter, that is defined nowhere.


I filled the user and password parameter with my usual user and password values (without any "paths" (such as \\computername\username...)! JUST the username !).

For the "Run as", I discovered that writing the computer name (As defined in the "My computer -> Properties -> Network Identification" [W2000]) satisfies RETROSPECT.


Now the scheduled backups run perfectly.




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Hello All,


I have been struggling with a similar situation and could really use some advice. I have an iomega storcenter drive we're using as a file server which came with retrospect express. I had it set up running incremental daily backups and then one day I started getting "error 1017, insufficient permissions" and the script would no longer run. nothing changed within the setup or our small network. When retrospect asks for the username and password for the iomega volume, it won't accept what I enter which happens to definitely be the login info of a specific user with access to that iomega volume.


Any help is appreciated!!


Thank you.



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