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"Problems were detected during each of the last 7 backups"

Eric Chadwick

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Windows XP Media Center Edition, Service Pack 3

Retrospect Express HD for Windows, ver 2.0.213

Bundled with LaCie d2 Quadra external drive

Internet Explorer 7 ver 7.0.5730.13

Shell32.dll ver 6.0.2900.5512


I consistently get the following error popup balloon, every time Retrospect finishes a Copy:

Retrospect Express HD

Problems were detected during each of the last 7 backups.

Click here for more information...

Clicking the link invokes the "Show Copies On: LaCie E:" dialog, but none of the options in the dialog provide further error info.


The file...

C:\Program Files\Retrospect\Retrospect Express HD 2.0\rthlpsvc.log

... shows that it's been modified and it shows 7 errors:

HSvcRestoreReg: FindFirstFileW(rdregrst.ini) failed 2
hsvcWin2kDbRestore: GetFileAttributes(C:\WINDOWS\RDComRegBk\RtrComRg.ini) failed 3
hsvcWin2kDbRestore: GetFileAttributes(C:\WINDOWS\RDIISMetBk\RtrIISM.ini) failed 3
hsvcWin2kDbRestore: GetFileAttributes(C:\WINDOWS\RDWMIBk\RtrWMI.ini) failed 3
hsvcWin2kDbRestore: GetFileAttributes(C:\WINDOWS\RDActDirBk\RtrActDr.ini) failed 3
hsvcWin2kDbRestore: GetFileAttributes(C:\WINDOWS\RDCertSvBk\RtrCertS.ini) failed 3
hsvcWin2kDbRestore: GetFileAttributes(C:\WINDOWS\RDRSMBk\RtrRsm.ini) failed 3
No work to do, quitting...

The folders & files listed in the log do not exist anywhere on my PC.


Is this a bug? Is my Copy actually intact and correct? This post shows a similar error (though I don't get the other problems that OP had):



Thanks for any insight.

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