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Network Drive not Recognized


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I am using Windows XP, and have a network drive mapped to (X:). It shows up under "My Computer" as a network drive name (X:), it shows up in all my other applications when I "save as" and go to "My Computer" as a network drive,,, but it does not show up in Retrospect under volumes database "My Computer" although all my other internal and external drives do. There is also nothing under devices or "My Network places" I can recognize either, but would not expect it there.


Not sure what to do next, and what would be so different with Retrospect and drive selection/recognition (including network drives??)


Would appreciate any help I can get on this.



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Not sure what you meant by the "source list",,, but did click on the "my Network" selection in the "volumes data base" window and it was not listed. What was listed was Microsoft terminal services, Microsoft windows network, and Web Client Networks. On selecting Microsoft Windows network,,, all the computers in my domain were listed, but not the network drive. Regardless, the drive appears as a normal drive in all my other applications (X:) under My Coputer Network drives,,, but not in Retrospect

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