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Activation problem on dual NIC

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I am running a dual NIC G5 as a dedicated FTP server. One NIC is set aside for LAN use ( and the other NIC has a public IP for our clients to access the box.


I'd like to add the FTP directory to my nightly backups but can't activate the damn client in Retrospect. When I attempt to add by IP ( I get 'Activator used on multiple clients'. From the logs I see that it using both internal and external IP addresses for activation:


∆ Retrospect version 6.1.230

launched at 21/8/2008 10:18 AM

+ Retrospect Driver Update, version

Activator code D-REMX-R3L7-L58J-121 is used for multiple clients:

New Rumpus FTP at 203.222.xxx.xxx

New Rumpus FTP at


Have latest Server and Client installed. Have also tried the advice from this discussion:




By doing this:

This means that you'll need to edit the shell script that actually loads retroclient when the machine starts up:




Edit the line:

/Applications/Retrospect\ Client.app/Contents/Resources/retroclient &


to be (using, of course, the correct IP address for your install):


/Applications/Retrospect\ Client.app/Contents/Resources/retroclient -ip &


But the problem remains and I still can't activate the client on the server. Any advice.

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