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How do I get my backed up files?


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I used Retrospect with my laptop and created a backup set to backup my hard drive to an external drive. Low and behold, two weeks later, my hard drive dies, and I felt very proud of myself for having the backup. That was until I went to try to restore my files from the backup set. I can see all the files for the backup set, but the software won't let me get to them. My online research almost makes it sound like I need to have a log file that is stored on the original machine, but that can't be--that would be the most nonsensical thing I can think of, given that a backup is only useful when you actually lose access to the original machine.


The most frustrating part is that in the past, I always used the Duplicate feature instead of the backup feature, but I decided to trust the backup feature this last time, and now I might be getting burned for that. Can anybody please help??? Thanks!!!



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Thanks, Mayoff!!! That worked perfectly--I really appreciate it!!!


This might be outside the scope of this forum, but maybe you know the answer. Now that my folders are restored to my desktop machine, it won't let me open my laptop's personal folder from My Documents (I get an "access denied" message). I assume this is because my laptop had an XP password on it. I know the password of course--is there a way to get to this folder easily?


Thanks again!



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