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Adding members to backup set problem

Lester Singh

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Hi, I'm using Retrospect 7.5.508 with hotfix 7.513.100 on Win2003, backing up only to hard disks.

I point my backup script (recycle backup) to a backup set, which contains 2 USB external drives, however if one of the drives is offline (i take it home for offsite storage) it will not backup up to the member that is online. It will prompt me with a window to locate the missing or an available drive. This used to work in the old version of Retrospect, 6.5 (I recently upgraded). It allowed me to take home one drive one week and then the other the next week.

I would like to have a backup set with 2 or more disks where one disk can be removed at anytime to take it offsite. Thanks for your help.

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Retrospect never allows you to use the "wrong" member. It has always been this way.


If the currently scheduled destination is offline, then the script will wait for you to insert the correct media.


Recycle backups will take an disk that is erased or 1-The Backup Set Name.


When you run the recycle backup, use the backup set that matches the disk you have available.

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I think I'm doing this right now? My backup set is called Offiste_Bkup, it consist of two USB external drives.

First, I created the backup set with the frist hard disk (label=offsite_1) and it calls it 1-Offiste_Bkup.

Then, I add the other disk, label=offsite_2, as a member. It is called 2-Offiste_Bkup.

Now if I run the recycle backup it will work fine. Once I remove the disk, label=offsite_1, and try and run the backup again it will not automatically put the data on 2-Offiste_Bkup.

Essentially I'd like to automate the script to run weekly and all I'd have to do is simply swap the drives (offsite_1 and offsite_2). Thanks for your input.

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1-Offsite backup and 2-offsite backup are part of the same backup set. You only use disk 2 when disk 1 has filled up. You can NOT rotate between these disks whenever you want.


If you want to switch between 2 disks then you need 2 different backup set destinations. Offsite backup A and offsite Backup B. This will give you 1-offsite backup A and 1-offsite backup B



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