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Retrospect 6.1.230 hangs during Restore matching

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When I try to do a restore from a snapshot, it hangs during the matching stage and stays there for good. This started happening when restoring from a "Tape" backup, but now also happens from a "File" to HDD backup. It used to work fine, with the only thing changing recently I guess being the size and file numbers. Please help as I need to restore something and basically this has rendered the system useless.

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Hi Mayoff, Thanks for responding so quicky. The OS is 10.4.11, RAM is 2Gb, and File backup backup set is presently 555Gb.


We moved it all from another Mac Server which within 2minutes of matching it "crashed" the whole Server, which hitting the space bar weirdly resumed it. At least now it doesnt do that on the above new Quad Core machine, but we're now beyond 24hours worth of matching with even this.


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At least now it doesnt do that on the above new Quad Core machine

What new Quad Core machine?


What would be helpful is a complete description of the hardware and software being used. Are there any internal PCI cards being used?


Since you are testing with multiple computers, noticing what _doesn't_ change between tests is very important.


For example, you mention a File Backup Set, and hint on using that Backup Set on a second machine, but do not provide a description on where that set is stored. Is it on an external hard drive? Are you moving that physical drive between the two test machines?


You are specific that Snapshot based restores are failing; did you test with a "Search for files and folders" Restore (which does not use Snapshots)? Does that work?


You say that the operation "crashed" the whole server, but then suggest that pressing a key un-crashes it; what exactly does that mean?

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Hi Robin,

Original setup 1: Single Core 1.8Ghz Mac Pro machine, 1gb ram, Quantum LTO3 Tape Drive connected via an ATTO pci card. Backup-File Backup Set size 550Gb. Results: Restore from snapshot caused the server to go into what I can only describe as "sleep mode" during the Matching process, rendering it unavailable on the network, which disturbed the users somewhat at the time, with only a tap on the space bar "waking it up". continued space bar hitting became impossible. This ahppened with both Tape or File backups.


Setup 2: The "File" backup set and catalogue was copied from the above computer to a new quad core Xserve. 2Gb Ram, and a restore process from the File backup attempted. The computer didnt go into sleep mode during the matching process, but I did, and thats where we are now, 28 hours on.


The "Search for files and folders" works fine, but when a whole folder has been lost, on a set date, with little idea of its orginal contents, this doesnt help, that I can see anyway.


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