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REV 35 and 6.1 problem

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I have retrospect 6.1 and osx 10.4 on a machine used soley for backup.


My normal daily backup to disk work fine. The problem is that I also have a REV 35 drive that I use to duplicate my daily backup for off-site purposes.


I have the choice of selecting the actual REV 35 drive as a destination or the disk that is inserted. If I select the REV 35 device, my script works fine once then automatically changes over to having the disk selected when I swap the physical disk for the next backup. If I select the disk it shows volume off-line. When I switch it back to the REV 35 drive it works fine for one backup again. I've tried just about everything I can think of.


Any suggestions?





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You should be creating a file backup set for each REV disk. This will give you individual backups on each disk.


With a Removable Disk backup Set, Retrospect sees each disk as a different member of the backup set and will rename the disk to match the member name. Every disk is different, when you change disks, the old disk will show offline.

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Sorry for the confusion. Duplicate is a 1 to 1 relationship. Every REV disk is a different destination and will require it's own scheduled duplicate operation, or each disk needs to be selected as the destination during the immediate duplicate.


All disks previously used will show up as offline. Only the inserted disk is available and can be selected. You should give each disk a unique name to reduce confusion.


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