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Topic Split: "Sorry, client networking is unavailable"


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hey guys, sorry to "rebirth" the post, but i'm having the same problem as Wild_Eep. The diference is that i'm running the Retrospect 7.5 in a Windows 2000 Server.


The network is ok, i can ping, access folders on clients etc. The server is not a domain member (i think that's not the problem).



Can someone, please, help me?



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You "hijacked" a thread from 2003. It would be best for you to explain your specific situation in detail and we will try to give you an answer.


What operating system is the client running?

Is Windows 2000 the backup server?


What is your exact version of Retrospect?

What is the exact version of the client software?


What happens if you restart the client and server?

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so, i'm having a problem to add clients to retrospect. i can't add any of the 4 clients. they all have the restrospect client installed. i think its not a client problema, but a server problem.

what happens is that when i click the "add" button, it returns me the following message:


"Sorry, client networking is unavailable. Please check your computers TCP/IP

settings in the network control panel."


it seems the retrospect doesnt detect the network, but it is working. i can ping, access folders on the clients etc.


Im running the Retrospect 7.5 in a Windows 200 Server.




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if i restart the server, the problem remains.


i have only one network card in this server. i went in the retrospect's advanced networking, and i didnt find anything that could help me there.


i also stop all antivirus process, and it still not work.


if you have any other suggestion...



thanx again!

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Don't edit the default interface. Click "New..." in the prior screen named Interfaces. Then create a new interface and see if you can pick your network card/IP?


The Windows you included in your screenshot was supposed to contain an IP address on the last line, but doesn't.

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