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help! Retrospect running forever

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When I use a new backup set, more or less the same thing happens except this time Retrospect does not stops at "building snapshot" and "tracking.log" but instead stops at "copying.(hard disk name)..."


I am backup up Windows XP SP2 workstation. Local backup.


I have already re-catalogue the existing file backup set and restored the hard disk (non-operating system partition) by copying it over offline but no improvement.

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I have disabled the antivirus SW but the result is still the same. There is no point in trying the latest version because even if it works, I will not buy a new version. There is only 2 windows PC left in my premises. Unless Retrospect has 64 bit linux version, I would not invest any further money in it.

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I have finally isolated the source of the problem. I stored my catalogue files in an external USB hard disk which I recently reformated. After the reformat, I loaded back the original catalogue files into this USB hard disk. It seems that Retrospect is not happy about this.


Any idea how to handle this? Thanks.

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