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Backup Strategy - Changed Files

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Sorry if this info is somewhere on here already. I just couldn't find it.


I am backing up a file server and trying to ease concerns about overwriting files and hope someone knows the answer to this. I know Retrospect only backs up the files that are new or that have changed, but what happens if I have a 5 MB file on my server, for example, and it has been backed up completely. Two days later someone accidentally opens the file from the server, deletes most of the content and saves over the existing file on the server so that it is maybe 1 MB. No one notices the error until they go to retrieve it a week later. In between, Retrospect has backed up the file again because it has changed.


Here's my question. Can both versions of the file be recovered? The old 5 MB version, which is correct AND the 1 MB error file? Does Retrospect make an additional copy of the file without disturbing the original?


Any answers appreciated.

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Perhaps your concerns will be removed by a better understanding of the difference between a "duplicate" (often referred to as "syncing" or "copying") and a "backup".


Here's a knowledgebase article explaining the difference:

What is the difference between "backup" and "duplicate"?


You asked about "backup", which is how you have been answered. The answers will be different if you do a "duplicate" rather than a "backup".



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