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multiple tape backups

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Hi all

First of all let me say i m very sorry if my questions has been answered before.I did a search but was not abled to find matching results.


We have a retrospect multi server 7.5.5 installed on windows Small Business server 2003.Server is fully patched up to the last month.


we use a Certance Ultrium 2dc tape drive.Due to the size of the data we need to use 02 tapes


1.Once the first tape is filled retrospect asks for the second tape.But when we insert the tape we need to press the "proceed" button within the retrospect to continue the backup.Is there any way to automate this process(continue the backup process soon after the second tape is inserted) without doing the way i described earlier.


2.This is in a way related to the first one.If we log off from the remote desktop session we cant open retrospect because it gives a message saying that retrospect is already running under another instance.The only way to open retrospect is to kill that session which will kill the already running backup process.Is there any way to overcome this?


Thanks in advance.




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Hi Mayoff


Thanks alot for the prompt reply.


let me explain a bit of our backup policy.


According to the company policy we do full daily backups for each n every day 06 days a week


each daily backup will be a recycle backup containing 02 tapes from the same day of the previous week.


So how can we apply what you ve suggested in our situation?


I know our backup policy is not the best but nothing much we can do about it.



also by using the activity monitor can we invoke an already running retrospect process without terminating the process?


Thanks again for all your help

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