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I own Retrospect Backup Workgroup for Windows 5.6 because, at one time in late 1999, I needed to backup 12 machines as part of an intellectual property rights transfer.




Given that I now only have three machines to backup, I decided that, rather than upgrading to Single Server ($399) or Multi Server ($649), I would simply purchase a new copy of Professional. (The prices shown here are the upgrade prices according to http://www.dantz.com/upgrades/.)




But then I took a look at the Windows Product Comparison Chart (http://www.dantz.com/products/wincompare.html).




One of my clients is a Linux box. (It's used as a workstation not as a server.) According to the chart, the only way I can backup a Linux client is to upgrade to Multi Server! Is that true?




In response to some questions about 6.0 I asked on 6/26, Mayoff responded (http://forums.dantz.com/ubbthreads/showthreaded.php?Board=Server&Number=9554) that




(2) Users who upgrade will not need to purchase disaster recovery as an add-on.




However, I see no mention of that fact on the web site. Is it still true?




Finally, the comparison chart implies that Open File Backup isn't available for Professional? Is that correct? (I really liked this feature based on my experiences during the beta test.)




- Gary Palter



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> You must have the mult-server version in order to backup a Linux or Unix client.




I think it's a mistake to treat all Linux clients as servers. The Linux community is making a strong push to get people to use Linux as a Windows replacement. There are many Linux systems out there being used as workstations. (That's how I use mine; I do software development on it.)




I can't justify a $649 upgrade just so I can backup my Linux workstation.




I strongly urge you to have whoever made this decision reconsider...




> If you upgrade, you will get Disaster Recovery.




Good. Perhaps you could update the website to reflect this. Right now, it simply says that I can upgrade to Single Server for $399 or Multi Server for $649. If it said "Single Server with Disaster Recovery" for $399 or "Multi Server with Disaster Recovery" for $649, I think that would make it clear that we aren't losing any functionality when we upgrade.



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I entirely agree. I have a Linux box as a firewall, and I'd like to back it up, but paying for the Multi server is ridiculous just for that. Unix might have been considered only a server system at one time, but no longer. I guess for now I'll have to continue using dump to my PC's file system. Sigh ....

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