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Vista 64 Ultimate and 7.6 Install


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I am running Retrospect 7.6 as Administrator on Vista 64 Ultimate. When I attempt to create a new backup set, I get error 1101: Couldn't create Backup Set Backup Set A error - 1101 (file/directory not found.


The Disk is readable. Other programs can create directories and files on that disk jsut fine. I poked around on Vista 64 forums to see if UAC needed some parameter set, but found nothing informative. I have set "run this program as an administrator" on both the .exe file and on the Quick Launch icon for Retrospect.


I am doing something wrong for sure but can't see what it is. Others have Vista 64 (but maybe not the Ultimate flavor) running. Can anyone suggest a course of action please?



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Same thing. I just tried all disks on my system Two internal drives and two external drives. (all are HDD and not optical)


Ohh...but you said 'catalog'....I need to investigate the catalog path. I only investigated the backup Volume...

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