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error -808


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A WIn XP SP2 machine retrospect v 7.6.11 pro attempting to make Client backups of a Win XP SP2 machine running latest client software is reporting the following error.

Error - 808 (key/refnum search failed)

This appears on two lines -one saying "Trouble matching [machine and disk names]" and the second one saying "Cannot compress Catalog file for back up set [back up set name]". Haven't tried rebuilding catalog file yet, but will unless maybe somebody else has any other ideas.

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How much freespace do you have on your C drive? If it's down to 850MB, then you really are in trouble until you get this up over the 5GB mark.


My suggestion is that you ensure you have sufficient free space on the C drive, then re-create the catalog.

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The C drive on the backup computer has 101 GB free. The external firewire backup drive has 38 GB free. The client computer only has about 60 GB free out of an 80 GB C drive that is being backed up. So there appears to be room for everything.


Attempts to repair the catalog for this backup also fail on the same error -808 message, with the system stating that the catalog could not be compressed. Apparently the catalog was corrupted beyond help.


Attempt to rebuild the catalog file (replacing the old one) from the backup files was successful, all prior snapshots were recovered, and subsequent backups run OK (after the script was redirected to what became an effectively new backup set).

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I'm getting the same problem. I have plenty of space on all machines, but the problem doesn't happen for all machines.


I see you're using external disk units too. I'm writing to two D-Link DNS-323 NAS units.


Is the disk you're writing the catalogues to using compression?


I was using Retrospect 7.5 with no problem, I upgraded to 7.6 then it started...


Regards Paul

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