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Backup Server Pauses...


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I have Retrospect workgroup 6.1.230 on a OS X 10.4.11 client/acting as a server... I have a live Backup Server running all of the time... Lately it seems to be pausing by itself and requires an admin. to resume the server.


I also see that if the backup server list window is clicked on, it pauses too... What-up-with that!



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Clicking the Windows will pause backup server. This is normal and expected. It will start again within a few minutes.


If you have a screen saver it could be touching the Retrospect interface causing a temporary pause. Make sure energy saver is disabled too.

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Thanks for your replay... 1 more question...


I have 2 firewire devices attached to this server taking on "virtual tape" backups... The way we work is, we have both A-B connected all day... A or B goes offsite at the end of the day... depending on the day.. Lately I noticed that there is no alternation between the two drives... and (for example) A is basically taking on all of the Backup Server backups despite the fact that both the A and B backup sets are designated in the Backup Server script.


What I've noticed is what ever backup set that is seen first by the backup server is the one it sticks with until one forces out the set in question... Make sense?



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