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Repartitioned - error -1102 (drive missing/unavailable)

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Had to repartition the C drive of our server last night as it was running out of space (from drive D to Drive C). Retrospect seems to think that the drives C and D are now off-line and can no longer access them, but has found 2 new drives called C and D with the exact same thing on them as the original ones but doesn't seem to be able to make the connection that they are the original drives and throws the above mentioned error at us every time both back up scripts run.


Help :(




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For Mayoff:


I've asked essentially the same question in a post earlier today in the Professional forum, and if the answer is that you cannot thereafter add to the existing backup sets, let me ask a couple of additional questions:


(1) How about restores? If something had mis-fired in resizing the partitions on the client could I have restored the data from the old backup sets to the newly sized partitions, or can it only restore data to an identically sized (or newly created) partition? If the answer to that is no, it cannot restore to the resized partition, then it seems like Retrospect is less flexible in that respect than my old DOS backup solution (Fastback, RIP), and provides no help for someone who wants the security of a backup set before (modestly) reconfiguring a drive. If the answer is yes, why is it that you can restore to a different sized partition but not continue to back up from it? Assuming (as I think likely in my case) that the resizing did not alter the other characteristics of the partition, why does the amount of free space on the drive affect Retrospect's ability to recognize it and continue to increment a backup set from it?


(2) Isn't this something you ought to be able to (and ought to) address? If I have the flexibility to resize drives it seems to me that a well thought out back-up solution ought to be able to keep up with changes that do not alter the data without having to start afresh, which for us, given that the client has a wireless connection to the network, means a full day (for each backup set) of bogging down the network to recreate what we already have.


(3) Is there a workaround for the slow creation of a backup over a wireless connection? The client owns a copy of Express (5.5.158), and as a precaution I made a new backup set today to a file on an external drive. Is it possible to copy that file directly to the physical (NAS) drive where we normally put the Professional backup sets, and then point Professional to the file and direct it to increment the set? Is the catalog for that set integrated with the backup file itself?


Just asking. Thanks for any help you might have to offer.


Ted Sims (see #110074, 8/04/08, on Professional)

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