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Message 'Execution stopped by operator'


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Hi, My client is using Retrospect Express v7.5 running on Vista machine. Was all working fine until 2 weeks ago and now every time a scheduled script runs get message 'Execution stopped by operator'. But nobody has done anything on the computer at all. Can anyone please help?


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What does the operations log say? Stopped by operator always means someone clicked "stop" inside Retrospect or forced it to close.


Had this problem occur many times and would just like to to point out, that in Windows Vista if the computer is shutdown, cannot connect to the network or has no means to reach the Backup-Set during the scheduled backup, the event is marked with "Stopped by operator". The user gets no announcement of this since in Vista the program is hidden during the backup procedure.


The user might not be reponsible for "stopping" the program.


You can get the actual reason of why the operation was stopped, by looking at the history tab and click Log from there.





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I'm having the same problem in Windows XP Pro, using Retrospect Express 6. Am receiving the message "Execution stopped by operator" while I'm doing absolutely nothing. The log also lists Error -1001 unknown Windows OS error prior to the execution being stopped.


Any and all help appreciated.

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