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Restore exchange to a different folder

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Is it possible to restore priv and pub files to a folder to use 3rd party tools to query the data. The reason I ask is that we backup a small business server, in the event of the hardware failing etc and therefore not having a recovery storage group to restore to we would end up using Ontrack or something to query the databases and extract the data to pst. I know we can do mailbox backups and we are doing that too, but I would like to know if the above is possible.




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so if the original exchange server is dead I can restore the data back to a newly built exchange servers mailboxes? I probably didnt word the original question properly. If the small business server dies, what are my reovery options? In the absence of the server I obviously cant recover to a recovery storage group, are you saying that I can restore mailbox data to mailboxes on a different exchange server?

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