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exchange 2007 mailbox backup

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I am using the latest version of retrospect and can authenticate with my rbu user account and see all my mailboxes etc. Backing up storage groups is no problem either. When I select my mailboxes to backup (all of them) the backup finishes in about 2 minutes, no errors, but no data is backed up. When I run a test backup and select just one mailbox, I have no problems and the mailbox backs up fine. Anyone seen this before, suggestions?




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7.6.111 is the version we are using. I have tried selecting the source as 'Exchange Mailboxes' and have also selected each individual mailbox one by one (30 selected in all).

I have tried this with retrospect installed directly on the 2k7 server where the exchange volume sources are local.

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It says on each mailbox:


- 11/07/2008 20:24:49: Copying 'mailbox name' 11/07/2008 20:24:49: No files need to be copied

11/07/2008 20:24:51: Execution completed successfully

Duration: 00:00:01 (00:00:01 idle/loading/preparing)


And just to show output on a mailbox that was selected and backed up on its own:



- 11/07/2008 20:25:40: Copying 'Mailbox name'

11/07/2008 20:30:06: Snapshot stored, 4,446 KB

11/07/2008 20:30:17: Execution completed successfully

Completed: 7529 files, 852.7 MB

Performance: 219.5 MB/minute

Duration: 00:04:37 (00:00:43 idle/loading/preparing)




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You might be able to avoid this problem by putting each individual mailbox into a Proactive Backup Script as separate sources. The proactive script will treat each mailbox as individual items and should not try to batch them together.

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I would like to see a debug log of the failure and successful backup of the Administrators mailbox.


1) Launch Retrospect

2) Type ctrl-alt-p-p (hold ctrl-alt and hit P twice)

3) Under Debug Logging, set Trees and Volumes to 6

4) Under Mailbox Backup change Log Mailbox backup to 6

5) Do a short backup that will reproduce the failure

6) Do a successful backup of the RBU Mailbox or admin mailbox.

7) Go to Reports>Operations Log and export the log from the file menu


email me the log to emcinsignia_forums@emc.com

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I have encountered a very similar issue using Retrospect 7.6.123, driver update and hot fix This is for Exchange 2007 on Windows Server 2008. When I try to backup more than one mailbox by select all mailboxes or several single mailboxes as separate sources, the first mailbox backs up properly, but then every other one states:


"Copying *username"

No files need to be copied

Execution completed successfully.


This renders the product unusable for Exchange 2007 backup.


Can you help?




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