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Mac client error 507 password

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I've uninstalled Mac Retrospect 6.1.130, then installed 6.2.229. My Retrospect 7.5 Windows server won't accept the Mac access password.



I also just installed the most recent minor driver and hotfix upgrades to Retrospect 7.5 Win Server:

version The problems began with a different Mac OSX client being cloned from old machine to new and there is an 'incorrectly cloned' error in my operations log. I've told my server to 'forget' both Mac clients, and then tried adding either, by direct IP or name, and get the same 507 error.


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I was unable to find that requirement in the EMC product pages. Is that me missing something obvious?


Also, I tried moving one of the Mac clients back to 6.1.39 and still had problems. At this point I'll just get Retrospect 7.6 and move on.

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