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GUI very slow after 7.6 upgrade

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I just upgraded from Retro-DE_7_5_387.exe (German version) to Retro-DE_7_6_111.exe and now the Retrospect GUI is very slow. I sometimes have to wait for 10 and more seconds to get a reaction. None of the other windows (explorer, etc.) are impacted. They run normal. I run Win SBS 2003 R2 in German. Before trying the upgrade on the life machine I tried it on a virtual PC (VmWare) running the same OS and other software. There I had thesame problems, but I thought it may be a memory problem of the VM. I have no idea what is going on. The GUI is even very slow when ther is no backup activity going on. It is unusuable and I have to go back to Retro-DE_7_5_387.exe.


Does anybody have an idea. Either it is the application itself or more likely it is some interaction between the application and the rest of the system. I checked the event viewer, but nothing special. I am operating the system via Remote Desktop. However, if I use VNC it is the same.

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I have not seen this problem before, and I am not aware of any major gui functionality changes that were made since 387. Can you give an example of what is going slow, is everything slow, or just certain parts? What is your memory/processor usage when you are running retrospect?


I'll try the German app and see if I see anything strange with it.



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This is what I do not understand. I can see that there was hardly any work (if at all) at the GUI level. Everything is very slow, but only Retrospect. Everything else goes at regular speed. The box has 4GB RAM and has 2 DualCore processors. I currenlty have no idea where to look and what to look for.

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