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Re: Why cannot create Disaster DVD Disk greater than 650MB?


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With Retrospect 7.6, you can create the .ISO even if it is larger than a CD (mine was 818MB). You can then create a DVD from this iso using ImgBurn (Nero would not do it). I booted it (in a VM) and got to the point where Retrospect complained that it could not find the backup set (reasonable) and there was an option to exit Retrospect and continue to install XP. I got that far and then got stuck as XP hung trying to load drivers (in GUI mode after all files were loaded onto disk). I assume that because the VM machine was too different is the reason I could not go further.

Perhaps others could try a real disaster, I would if I have a removable disk in my real system

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Spoke too soon, the XP install finished and Retrospect is trying to restore. Because I was running in a VM it did not have access to the backup set. I installed VMTools, mapped a shared folder to that backup directory and rebooted which started the restore again. Retrospect complained that the C drive was not the same (maybe because the volume label was different). I selected the real drive to restore to and it started but kept prompting for the .RDB files and eventually got an assert failure at tstring.cpp-2219 (at the 6th .RDB file)

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Bootable DVD is not supported. I am surprised it even worked for you.


Make sure the temporary system has the identical version including service pack to the one you are restoring.


Try a catalog rebuild (because of the assert error) before doing the restore.

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