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USB Disk for offsite storage

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We currently do disk to disk backups of around 150GB (Servers, Exchange, SQL) and would like to utilize USB drives for offsite storage. We would like to use a rotation where a backup is transfered to the USB1 and then it is taken offsite and then a backup is transfered to USB2 and then USB1 is recycled.


Does anyone have a similar configuration or suggestions on how to set this up properly?






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Robin - Thanks for the link but it did not connect - would you try again?


We have about 150 GB of info on a NAS and would like to alternate backing up to two 500 GB fire wire disks. One always stored off site. Like to back up the NAS each week without having each FW disk erased each time it is swapped with the off site disk.

Anyone know if this this is possible?

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Although you can schedule explicitly which backup set is used on which day, this can be fragile... if a drive doesn't get swapped at the right time due to a vacation / holiday / illness / etc... then the backups will start failing.


There's a better way... since you are posting in the Server forum I presume you can use "proactive backup". If you create a proactive backup script and add both backup sets to it simultaneously, the server will *automatically* use whichever one is attached. That way if your disk-swapping schedule gets off, the system will always "do the right thing".

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H’mmm, maybe I got excited too quickly.

I am running Mac Retrospect V6.123 on a separate Mac whose sole job is to back up a 500gb NAS.


Since reading your suggestion I have been looking for “proactive backup script†information without any luck. While not a Mac newbie I sure am a Retro newbie and the only proactive backup info that I have found either in the manual or searching the forums is windows based.


This may be a dumb question, but is there a proactive backup script for Macs? IF so where do I find info on how to do it?


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