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Retro Client 6.2.229 turning itself off

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RetroClient and StartupParameters.plist


Or that is the contents after applying the terminal commands.


I am looking ath the plist file and I see:

Description: retroclient daemon


start: Starting RetroClient

stop: Stopping RetroClient

OrderPreference: Late


0: Network Backup

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Is this specifically a reproducable *10.4* problem?


I'm not seeing this on my 10.4.11 load set (albeit the client is not activate yet -- but it's "on" through restarts.


What would I need to look for on my 10.4 clients if I should expect to see this?




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It seems to be a 10.4 or 10.5 issue after running the Retrospect Client Update file to the latest version. You may not see the problem until after the OS X client restarts.


from the KB:


TITLE: 6.2.229 client turns off after restart






If you update to Retrospect 6.2.229 client using the .rcu (Retrospect Client Update) file, a bug in the update process may cause the Retrospect Client for Macintosh to fail to turn on after restarting the computer. EMC Insignia is working to publish a new .rcu file to correct this problem.

If your Macintosh client is turned off after running the .rcu file, you can fix the problem several ways:


1) Go to the client computer. Download the 6.2.229 client installer from http://www.emcinsignia.com/updates and uninstall and then reinstall the Retrospect Client. You will then need to forget and relogin the client in the Retrospect Client database.


2) If you need to correct the problem from a central computer you can download Retrospect 6.1.138 for Macintosh at http://download.dantz.com/archives/Retro-EN-6_1_138.dmg


Install 6.1.138 to a new directory. In Retrospect go to Configure>Clients and select Update All from the client menu. Select the Mac_X_Client_Update_6_1.rcu file from the OS X Client Updater folder. This process will downgrade the client to the prior version. Retrospect 7.6 and 6.1.230 is fully compatible with this older client.


Contact technical support if you need help with any of these steps.


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