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Autolaunching a script, after last one failed to missing media.


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I'm running an automated backup script from a laptop computer and the destination drive is a IOMEGA NAS system on the company network. Couple of folders as source with the normal backup parameters.


The script is scheduled to run every Monday at 13:00, and if the user stays connected to the office network, it works fine. Even if the computer is shutdown during the actual scheduled date/time, Next time when to computer boots to Windows, Retrospect launches and runs the script. Works like a charm.


However if the user is away from the office with his laptop, retrospect will still auto launch at 13:00, trying to run the script. This time informing the user that the backup set cannot be found, since the user is not connected to the company network.


You can easily cancel the announcement and stop the script. Doing this leads to no backup taken, since the media cannot be found.


The idea of course would be that Retrospect logs this as a non finished script and will try to run it again when the media is available. The user in this case, cannot be expected to run the script manually later on.


However, when the laptop was re-attached to the office network after a failed script. I got an announcement saying.

"Backup media was needed before "the next Monday date here".

Appending to "The actual Backup Set at the local network" .


Retrospect however did not actually launch and continued like the last scheduled script had been run successfully, moving the next scheduled date to next Monday.


Question is:

Does appending mean it did the backup, or should Retrospect actually launch and run the failed script again, now that the media is present ?


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Yep, got that covered now thanks for the answer.

A new problem occured with Vista Automated backups though, covered with the info at the bottom.


Backup was going ok, and for some reason the network volume was not reached.


The computer was not shuttdown, but can the standby mode cause this to happen ?




4.7.2008 12:00:20: Copying Desktop on Local Disk (C:)


4.7.2008 12:01:03: Snapshot stored, 134 KB


4.7.2008 12:01:07: Comparing Desktop on Local Disk (C:)


4.7.2008 12:01:10: Execution completed successfully


Completed: 6 files, 616 KB, with 0% compression


Performance: 24,0 MB/minute (18,0 copy, 36,0 compare)


Duration: 00:00:49 (00:00:46 idle/loading/preparing)






- 4.7.2008 12:01:10: Copying Documents on Local Disk (C:)


4.7.2008 12:01:14: Snapshot stored, 18 KB


4.7.2008 12:01:19: Comparing Documents on Local Disk (C:)


4.7.2008 12:01:20: Execution completed successfully


Completed: 1 files, 1 KB, with 0% compression


Performance: 0,1 MB/minute (0,1 copy, 0,1 compare)


Duration: 00:00:10 (00:00:09 idle/loading/preparing)






- 4.7.2008 12:01:21: Copying Outlook on Local Disk (C:)


Additional error information for Disk Backup Set member "1-Backup Set A",


Can't write to file \\xxx\xxx\Retrospect\Backup Set A\1-Backup Set A\AA000020.rdb, error -1116 (can't access network volume)


Trouble writing: "1-Backup Set A" (690237440), error -102 (trouble communicating)


4.7.2008 12:04:21: Snapshot stored, 9 KB


4.7.2008 12:04:26: Comparing Outlook on Local Disk (C:)


4.7.2008 12:54:36: Execution stopped by operator


Remaining: 7 files, 292,7 MB


Completed: 0 files, zero KB, with 35% compression


Performance: 100,3 MB/minute (100,3 copy, 0,0 compare)


Duration: 00:53:15 (00:50:20 idle/loading/preparing)




4.7.2008 12:54:36: Execution stopped by operator


Total performance: 98,4 MB/minute with 35% compression


Total duration: 00:54:15 (00:51:16 idle/loading/preparing)

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