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Retro 6.1.230 and Backup Server Problem

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I think I need to restate my problem in a new thread.


Upgraded to Retrospect 6.1.230 and have created a new config file. We have an Overland PowerLoader LTO3 tape changer.


1) If we manually backup a client, or backup using a regular script, everything works perfectly.


2) If we put Retrospect in Backup Server mode, retrospect will NOT load the tape into the tape drive. If the tape is in the tape, Retrospect will not recognize it. Retrospect just insists that media is missing. Looking at the Tape Backup view, the tape is shown and marked as READY.


We have attempted to use an older of the Retrospect Driver with no change in behavior.

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1) Create a new backup set with no data

2) Erase a tape in the library and leave it loaded into the drive

3) Put the new backup set into the Backup Server Script as the only destination


What happens? The tape should get loaded because the new backup set is looking for erase media.

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>Do a Get info on the library and click "Disable BC" to turn off barcode support since you don't seem to need it.<


I do I do that?


>I would also remove the cleaning tape. If it is accidentally loading the cleaning tape, that will freak things out. <


It has been working fine this way for 2 years until today. I don't remember how but the cleaning tape is never loaded except when the tape changer decides that it is time to do the cleaning.

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