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Controlling netw. bandw. / distr. client software


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Our organisation is looking into the possibility of backup up our client computers in one of our departments (1500 pc's) using this kind of software. Most of the client computers are laptops that come into the office once in a while and never at night. Our intention is to backup these laptops automatically whenever they plug into the network and when a disconnection takes place the backup will continue where it left of the next time the laptop returns.




The first question is if it is possible (using a large server) to backup multiple clients at the same time.


The second question is if it is possible to control the amount of bandwith used by each client pc when a backup is running. We don't want to disable our network when 100 clients are making use of the network simultaneously in the same segment.


Third question is that we want to centralise the control of all the client software, the way it is distributed (we use SMS 2.0), but also the way it is configured in such a way the user can't change it. In other words the way it can be configured & installed silently/unattended.




Kees van Dolderen


The Netherlands

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1. You cannot backup multiple clients at the same time simatenously.


2. Under the client control panel software you can distribute what is more important on the clients end - backup or client....that is the best I can do for you in this area. Not sure if this is what you wanted or not.


3. no.



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