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Mac OSX Client returns error -1010 (API request bad)

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I back up three Mac clients, all have OS9 & OSX partitions. One of the Macs has just starting returning the following error when backing up the OSX partition:


scanning incomplete, error -1010 (API request bad)

Although I've found a couple of references to this error in the KB, neither of them refer to this environment.


Does anyone have any ideas as to what's causing this?

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Go to ctrl-alt-p-p and under Execution you will find an option "continue after scanning errors". Check this box and try again. I suspect another error will be reported.


Have you run and disk checks on the client hard disk? Have you tried to restart the client Mac?

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Thanks for that,


A disk check was run on the disk last week by one of my ops. I wasn't told of any errors but I'll do it again myself and see if anything comes up.


I've enabled "continue after scanning errors", I'll see what happens on tonight's backup and report back tomorrow.

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Hi Robin, an update...


Switching on Continue after scanning error proved inconclusive other than Retrospect did at least try to continue although curiously, after reporting error -1010 it seemed to go straight into a verfification stage. It was on this for hours so in the end I stopped the backup as it seemed to be going nowhere. Log as follows:


- 01/07/2008 10:47:23: Copying Chico's OSX on Chico

While scanning volume Chico's OSX,

Folder Chico's OSX:System:Library:Syst...,

Scanning incomplete, error -1010 (API request bad)

- 01/07/2008 11:10:42: Verifying Chico's OSX on Chico

01/07/2008 13:54:37: Execution stopped by operator

Remaining: 120245 files, 3.7 GB

Completed: 68107 files, 2.5 GB


The snapshot for this volume is very strange indeed. It's not showing a directory structure as you'd expect, just a list of files that make no sense whatsoever.


I then scanned the volume with Apple's Disk Utility and it found an error which it couldn't fix:


Invalid Voume File Count

(265651 instead of 265652)

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It is possible that the invalid volume file count could be confusing Retrospect.


Try to define each folder at the root of the hard disk as a subvolume and backup each subvolume individually. This will help you isolate which folder contains items Retrospect can't copy.

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Another update...


Having rebooted the Mac in question (I had to start up from the Install DVD to run disk utility) the back up ran OK albeit still with error -1010 as before.


So, error -1010 still occured but least this time it backed up after scanning and it appeared to backup all files properly. Maybe the reboot did something that fixed what happened before, or maybe that was just a one-off. Either way, Retrospect now does continue even after an error on scanning.


I'll now have a look to see if anything wasn't backed up and if I can find any files that might have caused problems. A line in the log refers to the HD:System:Library folder but it's incomplete in the log so I don't know excatly where, but I'll start off in there.

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