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Xraid failes in backup procedure

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Hi All,


I have a Retrospect server that backups some Xserves with Xraids attached. Since 2 weeks 1 servers failes to backup, communication error 519. All another clients work well. Only 1 server not. That volume is an Xraid volume. If I choose another volume of that server (second harddrive) that volume will be backupped with no errors. Does anyone have a pointer for me?


With kind regards,



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Some information would be useful - we can't read your mind. Important facts would be:

(1) Retrospect version? x.x.x

(2) Which Retrospect type? Chart is here:

Mac Retrospect comparison chart

(3) What version of Retrospect Driver Update ("RDU") on your "Retrospect server"? x.x.x

(4) What version of MacOS on your "Retrospect server"? x.x.x - MacOS Server or non-Server?

(5) What Macintosh hardware for your "Retrospect server"?

(6) What Retrospect client version on the Xserves that work?

(7) What Retrospect client version on the Xserve that doesn't work?

(8) How is the Xraid hooked up to that Xserve?

(9) How is the Xraid volume accessed by the Retrospect client? (mounted volume, etc.)

(10) What type of filesystem is on the problem volume? Are ACLs enabled on that filesystem?

(11) What type of filesystem is on the volume that can be backed up on that server?

(12) How is the Xraid controller configured?

(13) What MacOS version on the Xserve that doesn't work?

(14) What MacOS version on the Xserves that work?

(15) What is your network infrastructure between your "Retrospect server" and your Xserves?

(16) What changed two weeks ago when the problem started happening? Did you update any hardware or software?


Perhaps with a bit of information, we might be able to help you.

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The servers are running 10.4.11 and the latest Retrospect software. All clients have the same client version of Retrospect.

The Retrospect servers is an Intel Xserve and the failing client also. All other clients are PPC Macs.


I'm running this server for half a year now and since 2 weeks only this Xserve with Xraid fails with a general error. I ran DiskUtility without finding problems. I connect to the servers via the Retrospect client. I can delete this client and choose it again and do all the client settings. I re-installed the client software.


If I mount that Xraid volume I can back it up. Although I get some errors about privileges.


I also disabled the firewalls on the client en backup server. I disabled the ACL backup option in Retrospect.


When I startup a backup of that server, it looks like there's a timeout or something. Because it scans all the files and folders and after a couple of minutes I get a: Net Retry. After that I get the error 519.


With kind regards,



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