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error 1017, insufficient permissions


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Hello! I am having a really bad time seetting up my retrospect to back up to a NAS storage device. My device is an IOMEGA StorCenter. I have successfully set it up with an IP address, and added it to my server and workstations as a mapped drive. I can write to it, read from it, just like it was another drive on my system. Retrospect evidently can write to it too, because after the "duplicate" function finishes, the correct folders and file names are created on the NAS, but the files are ZERO length, and retrospect generates a HUGE (55 megabytes) error log stating "error 1017, insufficient permissions". I have performed the password assignment in the volumes database, and on the preferences security page, and on the members properties as instructed by retrospect. I have put HOURS into this project, and all I get is a big error file. I can do the duplicate in windows just fine, so I know the drive is working and attached correctly, but I can't let retrospect run unattended or I get the errors....HELP PLEASE!

John Ridgely, Arrow Industries, 714-674-0590, johnridgely@aol.com

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My log says: foldername\filename.ext "can't write, error -1017 (insufficient permissions). I have tried literally everything. I can read and write to the NAS from any workstation in the network. I can do a batch file copy to the NAS from the server or a workstation. BUT, retrospect won't complete even ONE file. My error log each night is 29,166 lines (55 megs) of error data and no files copied. Retrospect creates the folders and the file names, and then gives up.

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