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Backup Server Script using File Backup Set

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I have a peer to peer network ( 5 users) running W98SE.


I am attempting to implement automated daily backup of each user with backup server script.


The script failed to run even when instructed to run immediately on the client computer.


When testing this I receive a media not ready msg. Both computers involved were on & fully functional ( ie not in sleep mode)




Is it possible to do what I am attempting to do ie use backup server script to backup to file backup sets




John land

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Yes, but there's a catch to it. I also back up to file sets, and they are all online at the same time. This is not a problem for regular backups, but if they are all available to Retrospect when it is running in Backup Server mode, it goes down the list of laptops to be backed up and puts their files all over the place! I'm sure there is some logic to this, but it looks to me (as the user) that it is choosing the set to back up to almost at random.




If I had let this continue, it would have been a nightmare to figure out where those files were located if I ever had to do a restore. So I did something sneaky. I wrote an AppleScript that (based on a table I created) figures out which of the 9 backup sets is the current one, and renames all of the OTHER sets. (It puts a bullet in front of the name of each file.) This makes Retrospect think that none of the other backup sets are available, so it only backs up to the current week's set.




I have to make sure to restart the server at the beginning of each week. That causes the script to run (which it does at startup), and everything is renamed as needed for Retrospect.




I will post the script if anyone is interested. The only caveat is that it relies on VERY SPECIFIC file names and certain assumptions about when backups are run; you would have to modify it to meet your own needs.



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