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backing up to cd

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I am evaluating different backup media solutions to be used with Retrospect Desktop with 3 clients for a small Macintosh based office (OS 9 currently and eventually OS X) and I have a question regarding backing up to cdr or cdrw.




They want to do a regular, scheduled backup of just their documents on each of 4 machines. Simple addition of the sizes of the folders on each machine shows that a full backup would be about 3 GB. So that would take about 5 CD's. Then they want to backup each night, incrementally. I presume that the software evaluates what has changed from the catalog on the machine to which the backup drive is attached. Here is what I don't understand. Do you insert a different cdr each night for that incremental backup or can the software do multisession backups on one cd, given that they probably generate less than 50 MB per day? Could you split the destination volumes, ie use cd's for full backup but an external hard drive for the daily incremental backups?





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