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Problems Recovering Files


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I have backed up my files using RE version 6.0 under WinXP. The files were backed up to an external hard drive. The data sets are all there, but the catalog files are not.


My XP machine died, and I now have a new Vista machine. I have installed RE 6.0 from CD and used the catalog recreation functions to remake the catalog file. When I attempt to restore files, whether it be a single file or the whole shebang, I constantly get -625 error (Not enough memory). My new machine has 4GB of memory, and a nearly empty 320GB drive with lots of swap space. So, lack of memory shouldn't really be a problem.


I figured that maybe the issue is 6.0 and Vista. So, I downloaded a trial copy of 7.5. I uninstalled 6.0 and the installed 7.5. I get "serious error" messages as soon as I open RE 7.5 and repeatedly as I try to use it. When I try to restore, I do not get any more -625 errors. The system allows me to select which files I want to restore, and then starts the process. It then fails to restore the files saying the "snapshot is no longer valid."


Any ideas? Should I delete the catalog built with 6.0 and rebuild under 7.5? I'd appreciate any other suggestions, as I really need to get this data (at least some of the files) restored to my new machine.


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Yes, I uninstalled 6.0 before installing 7.5. That's what I said in my note. Yes, I have restarted the machine since installing. After all the Microsoft Mantra is "When in doubt, try rebooting before anything else."


I'll try deleting the catalog file and rebuilding using 7.5 when I get home this evening. I actually thought about that being the problem after I left for work this morning.


If there are any other ideas in the mean time, let me know. I'll post back on the results after rebuilding using 7.5.

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